Water Themed : Video Wall

This fully 3D animated movie with huge water simulations was tailor made to integrate an office lobby with LED wall in Paris.

I’ve worked on the first half of this 7 minutes long movie, including all the water simulations, shading, lighting and compositing of these shots.

I had the chance to supervise the project as a whole and in particular the exchanges with the screen installers in order to better integrate and immerse the visitors inside the movie.
The project was very intense and required weeks of preparation and water simulations.

And don’t miss the Making-Of video below to discover how we made the movie !


Produced at 3 Little Pix


  • - Modeling
  • - Texturing
  • - Shading
  • - Lighting
  • - Simulation
  • - Compositing


  • - 3Ds Max
  • - Phoenix FD
  • - V-Ray
  • - After Effects